Personal Photo Mosaic Wallpaper and Screensaver


Quick Look Video by

"...The application will take any photos you specify and use them to come up with a wallpaper. You can set the style and size of the mosaic, and you can pick how often the mosaic desktop wallpaper image will be changed.

The screensaver also presents a mosaic made up of your images. The nice thing about it is that it uses transition effects to zoom in on the images that are part of the mosaic. ..."

Animosaix: Generate Mosaic Wallpapers & Screensavers From Your Photos by

"...If you’re a fan of mosaic photography, then you will definitely love Animosaix. It’s a small utility that automatically creates a mosaic out of your photo albums, and lets you set it as a desktop wallpaper and screensaver. You can choose to set a refresh timer (in minutes) in order to automatically cycle through your mosaic image collection folder ..."